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Flexible Commerce

Drupal Commerce incorporates all the advantages of Drupal to give e-retailers unsurpassed flexibility at every level. From the visible parts of the user experience to the deep technical details of the infrastructure, Drupal Commerce offers an unprecedented range of possibilities for what we call flexible commerce. Breaking away from the tight frames of traditional eCommerce platforms, flexible commerce with Drupal Commerce empowers e-retailers by turning their systems into well-honed competitive tools.


Drawing on the modular design of Drupal — and the thousands of features offered by its modules — Drupal Commerce lets developers build precise, tailored frontends. Using mobile-first, responsive design themes, the Drupal Commerce frontend adapts to any device, on the fly, while maintaining compliance with Web standards.


Drupal Commerce's backend is incredibly flexible. From product content management to module configuration and performance tuning, along with the ability to precisely manage user rights, the Drupal Commerce backend is the Swiss army knife of eCommerce backends.

Pricing, Taxes, Payment, Shipping

Pricing, taxes, payment, and shipping are designed for flexibility and ease of extension from the ground up. Drupal Commerce lets e-retailers implement complex pricing rules, as well as configure and adapt taxes, payment, and shipping to meet country-specific requirements.

Infrastructure & IaaS

Drupal Commerce can run on a wide range of infrastructure technologies, whether on-premise, virtualized, hosted, or cloud-based. Drupal Commerce is compatible with Amazon Web Services as well as Microsoft Azure.


While Drupal Commerce was developed to run primarily on MySQL, it can also run on Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, Oracle, and SQLite. INsReady is directly involved in making sure Drupal is fully compatible with SQL Server and MongoDB.

Mobile Devices

Responsive design allows Drupal Commerce to deliver one storefront for multiple devices (link to m-commerce) based on HTML5, CSS3, and mobile, fluid grids. Drupal Commerce is also fully compatible with Drupal Services (Services in italic), a standardized solution for interfacing with external applications such as native mobile apps.

Flexible Shopping Core

Making very few assumptions, Drupal Commerce allows dynamic product pricing and customizable shopping carts and checkout forms. Anything can be customized, including product displays, the shopping cart block and form, and checkout pages and form components. Additionally, Rules can be used to configure everything from discounts and taxes to payment methods and automated order processing.

Natively Global

Drupal Commerce lets e-retailers start local and go global with the same platform and a truly global ecosystem. Featuring more than 100 translations; the ability to run multiple, highly localized storefronts; and easily extensible shipping and payment APIs, Drupal Commerce is the first natively global eCommerce platform.

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