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Drupal: One Platform, Limitless Opportunity

INsReady provides a Drupal–optimized platform for building WEM solutions that empower you to build brand loyalty, generate demand, and expand your digital footprint to the widest audience possible. Leveraging these solutions on the Drupal platform, marketers can create rich experiences, connect more deeply with customers, convert more prospects into buyers, and capture rich customer insights to drive optimization at the next interaction point. These digital experiences are delivered seamlessly across web, mobile, and social channels, all while layering in and integrating with existing systems of record that are already working well in your environment. And the solution is designed with an elegance and simplicity in mind so every Digital Marketer, even the most novice can accelerate time to market and optimize their campaigns. To power a truly digital business, your internal systems need to work seamlessly together. It is important to choose a system flexible enough for a digital marketer to engage stakeholders while powerful enough to integrate seamlessly across a broad range of backend systems of record to expose the deepest set of customer insights possible. Drupal accomplishes this feat by providing both marketing and IT agility across your organization.

Drupal is the optimal choice of Digital Marketers because of its long history as an open, flexible, and community-powered platform:

■ Drupal offers a single, easy to use system for marketers to deliver content, community, and commerce seamlessly to customers. Since Drupal was built with social at its core, organizations don’t have to learn multiple systems or toggle between Social Business software suites and Web Content Management platforms or ecommerce systems. It’s one single marketing interface.

■ Drupal offers fastest time to market for new digital marketing initiatives and new sites for leveraging the hottest, fastest growing communities and gadgets on the web, through continuous innovation.

■ Drupal offers innovation at the speed of the web. With 17,000 developers worldwide, and through the power of a vibrant, thriving community, marketers don’t have to wait for scheduled product development cycles every 6-9 months to embrace and exploit the latest technology trends.

■ INsReady offers marketing buyers an operational buying model for WEM solutions built on Drupal so they may map IT investments on a annual basis based on site goals rather than a large up front capital expenditure. Marketing leaders can thus scale up incremental investment based on traffic and the success of web experience initiatives rather taking a leap of faith with a single vendor or technology stack.

■ INsReady offers Digital marketing organizations the freedom of choice through an Open SaaS deployment and delivery model, which virtually eliminates any risk of vendor lock-in. Should you decide to move your site and content to another hosting provider, or decide to host it yourself, simply zip up the data and go.

■ INsReady offers an open ecosystem of digital agency and technology partners to choose from so that marketing can decide which tools to leverage based on business requirements rather than IT requirements, schedules, or budgets. Drupal also offers pre-built integrations as a modern content repository for leading marketing, sales, and service investments such as ERP, CRM, Marketing Automation, and Analytics to lower risk and speed time to market.

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