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Editorial Workflow with Workbench

INsReady builds World-Class international editorial workflow solutions for our clients, using Drupal Workbench. Drupal Workbench makes no hard-coded assumptions about how editors want to run their publishing sites. You can draft, edit, stage and publish your content with any workflow that your team has already been practicing. How you do editorial workflow should be up to you, not your software!

Workbench is designed for organizations that have many different content managers, many of whom may not necessarily be familiar with how Drupal works. For those users, the Workbench suite provides authors, editors, and publishers with a unified interface for managing content relevant to them. It allows people to focus on content, rather than on learning Drupal. Administrators can control who has access to edit content based on the structure of the organization, not the structure of the website.

Workbench incorporates contributed modules and has some new features of its own:

  • Hierarchical permission inheritance by “Sections” not just content types
  • Extensible workflow states
  • Single repository for media management
  • Modify live content without publishing changes immediately

Workbench Modules

Workbench is separated into several modules. Workbench module is required by all of the other modules, and each module can function independently of the others except where noted.

  • Workbench Access provides the hierarchical permissions across "Sections" of your web site. You can use menus, taxonomy, or create your own hierarchical structure for controlling access to a piece of content.
  • Workbench Moderation provides editorial workflow, you want to install Workbench Moderation. It is a flexible system which provides default workflow states like Drafts, Needs Review, and Published. You can also change these states to suit your orgnizations needs.
  • Workbench Files provides an easy way to see what files have been uploaded and where they are used on the site. We have features we want to add to help this module become a way to manage all assets.
  • Workbench Media is the integration between The Media module and Workbench main module. The goal was to include a workflow for creating media just like you would any other content.

Each of the "Workbench" modules has been tested to work with the main Workbench module, and with the other modules in the Workbench suite. The Workbench suite is modular, allowing site builders to build the workflow that best suits the content administrators on their site.