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China’s premium Drupal & Android strategy, design & development experts.

Since 2011, we’ve built many large scale Drupal websites in China for Government, Media, Education and Enterprise clients. We provide full life cycle services for your complex Drupal websites as well as fully integrated Android Apps.

We are Experts in

  • Drupal
  • Android
  • Docker
  • Elasticsearch
  • Polymer
  • CSS 3

Our Clients

上海美国商会中小企业网站 (AmCham Shanghai's SME Center)
全新的 screenshot
All New
Redesign Admission Office Website for Grinnell College

Recent Blogs

Jan 242018
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SSO becomes one critical part of the system design and user experience design for complex and distributed system, or for a new application to integrate with the existing connected system.

Jul 222017
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此篇博客最先以英文版本发布在Drupal.org作为推荐案例, 请查看英文版本

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