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The first natively social eCommerce platform

Drupal Commerce is based on Drupal, the first social publishing system, giving Drupal Commerce an unprecedented range of proven, world-class social features.

Going beyond customer reviews and ratings, Drupal Commerce lets e-retailers create their own social networks of customers as well as interact and integrate with existing social networks. This allows the creation of a unique, interactive, and personalized experience with a degree of flexibility unmatched by any other eCommerce platform.

With Drupal commerce, e-retailers can implement truly participative store features.

Get closer to your customers

Drupal Commerce can drive traffic to and from social networks, helping e-retailers be part of customers' online life every day. Drupal Commerce can even make sense of customers' activities and preferences, allowing e-retailers to personalize the experience.

Leverage the wisdom of your customers

Drupal Commerce makes a collaborative consumer experience possible: Let your customers create content, sort data, and customize or even create products from scratch! Drupal's rating, tagging, filtering, and advanced content-creation capabilities are perfect for creating highly collaborative eCommerce environments.

Integrate with RenRen and Weibo

Leverage the world's biggest social networks: Drive traffic to and from RenRen and Weibo; allow your customers to authenticate with RenRen and Weibo. Drupal can even create Drupal-based Facebook applications.

Get context-aware with social data

Drupal Commerce is compatible with Drupal's implementation of the Weibo API and with RenRen API. Combined with analytics, these features allow e-retailers to make sense of their customers' daily activities and preferences.

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