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Android + Drupal + Beer = Beer Cloud

This new software integrates the rich functionality and features of Drupal, the open source platform used to create, with Android, the open source platform used to create BeerCloud. The utilization of powerful features including GPS, a barcode scanner, and user-generated content make BeerCloud a first for the beer, wine, and spirits industry. BeerCloud helps you pair beer with food, track down your favorite beers in your neighborhood, and pull up a full description of any beer with a scan of its barcode. For a comprehensive case study on, please click here.

星期三, 七月 1, 2009星期二, 九月 1, 2009

GetSub System

GetSub Features:
Real-time Information - No need to search through emails records to figure out who needs a sub, which shifts are available or if a sub request has been accepted. Simply log onto GetSub and you have all the information you need presented in a clear, easy-to-read format that is available where the internet is available.

Flexibility –Any of the existing characteristics, schedule and templates of the GETSUB can be modified according to the subscriber’s preferences in a matter of minutes.

星期四, 八月 25, 2005
Physical Education Complex, Grinnell College
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