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Android XML parser

URL url = new URL(""+contents);
//URL url = new URL("");
/* Get a SAXParser from the SAXPArserFactory */
SAXParserFactory spf = SAXParserFactory.newInstance();
SAXParser sp = spf.newSAXParser();

/* Get the XMLReader of the SAXParser we created. */
XMLReader xr = sp.getXMLReader();

Shell Implementation--Simple Illustration of How Bash Works

* Skyred
* 2006-10-27
* This program creates a shell for a user to execute explicit
* commands. The parent reports the identification numbers of it and the child.
* > < | & are implemented

#include /* file of data types needed for many compilers */
#include /* needed for fork, getpid procedures */
#include /* needed for perror */
#include /* needed for exit */

Who is secretly financing Drupal or Joomla?

Update: I wrote this Econ paper in 2007 while I was still in college. At that time, I didn't even have installed Drupal. Thanks for the comments!


The market of CMSes has become hotter since the web 2.0 movement. Drupal and Joomla the top 2 open source CMSes are consolidating in the market. This consolidation could be beneficial to software giants Microsoft and Google; therefore Microsoft and Google could secretly finance Drupal and Joomla.



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