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The meaning of open


Last week I sent an email to Googlers about the meaning of "open" as it relates to the Internet, Google, and our users. In the spirit of openness, I thought it would be appropriate to share these thoughts with those outside of Google as well.

2012年Drupal协会董事会选举提名 -- 王景昇

这篇介绍是根据Drupal Association 2012年候选董事Jingsheng Wang的页面翻译而来。选举投票时间将于2012年2月2日开始已经开始,整个选举活动从2012年2月3日凌晨0:00开始,一直持续到2012年2月9号。


如果对王景昇有任何问题可以通过他的参选页面 对他提问,也可以用次篇翻译页面对他提问。




How to make Proxy Switchy! work again after the latest Chrome update on Linux

The latest Chrome update (for me it was Google Chrome 14.0.794.0 dev) broke Proxy Switchy! extension. Below is the fix on Linux (Ubuntu):
0.) Select Auto Switch Mode on Switchy!

1.) Go to Chrome Preferences -> Under the Hood -> click Change Proxy Settings -> click Auto Proxy Configuration
It looks like "file:///home/skyred/.config/google-chrome/Default/Extensions/caehdcpeofiiigpdhbabniblemipncjj/1.6.3_0/plugins/SwitchyAuto.pac?1308504284104so"

使用namebench找到最快的DNS, 提升网速

namebench是一个开源的项目,帮你分析本地和周围免费的DNS服务,帮助你找到最快速的DNS. namebench支持Windows, Mac OS和 Linux. 我使用的是Ubuntu


Build Nginx + PHP-FPM + APC + Memcache + Drupal 7 on a bare-bone Ubuntu 10.04 or Debian 5 server

I am not hosting administration expert, nor intent to make this tutorial post as generic as it would work for everybody. Since the stack: Nginx + PHP-FPM + APC + Memcache + Drupal 7 is quite on the cutting edge at the moment (Oct.2010), and there is not many 'master' tutorials available. Therefore, I am writing down my notes here for sharing.

This note is also reviewed and improved by Eric E Moore from Brandorr Inc

I got a bare-bone Debian 5 from, then, here is how it goes:

From Android Growth: Do We Need to Overhaul MBA Programs for the Era of Open Source?

You need the background of open source, iPhone, Android, Google, Apple before you can understand the point that I am trying to make here.

News: 1.) In April, 2010: AdMob: Android Passes iPhone Web Traffic In U.S.

News: 2.) In May, 2010: Android Surpasses The iPhone In The United States

Union Beer Distributors use Open Atrium for their sign/poster requests

At Union Beer Distributors, sales representatives send out many sign/poster requests to their internal sign shop every day. The sign shop used to ask the sales reps to fill out a paper form in order to start the process. Later on, any issues during the producing process are solved by phone calls, emails, or in-person communication. As you can imagine, this approach can easily get out of control with small problems. Therefore, a centralized, and streamlined system is needed.


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