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Use the official Docker Drupal library and its developer version

By now, you probably have heard many great things about Docker's approach to DevOps. I first looked into Docker in 2015, when I was mentoring a GSoC project, and the project had a need to open new Drupal 8 sandbox very often. Since then I have been pushing updates to the official Docker Drupal library.

Case Study: Launching Inventory Control System with Commerce 8.x-2.0-alpha4 on Drupal 8.1

One of our clients recently became interested in taking their inventory control system to a next level. They were offered a solution to go with an out of shelf ERP system. However, it's a requirement that the client has to change the business operation in order to meet the workflow and implicit technical requirements of the ERP system.

Containerize Zen Style-guide Driven Development

The latest version Zen 7.x-6.x adopted Style-guide Driven Development approach. For those who are not familiar with the Style-guide Driven Development, you should watch John Albin's presentation. The new aGov distribution theme is also built on top of Zen 7.x-6.x. Style-guide Driven Development is awesome, and the latest Zen 7.x-6.x will be released very soon. However, getting started with subtheming Zen 7.x-6.x can take a lot of learning.

One approach to implement the progressive decoupled Drupal 8

There are a lot of discussion online addressing the benefit of a progressive decoupled Drupal. You can read more at Should we decouple Drupal with a client-side framework? I have been thinking about how to implement this new feature for Drupal. Today, I am going to take a front-end theming approach, and write down my ideas of steps and iterations for the actual implementation below:

Update your Nginx config to support Drupal 8

If you are running Drupal 7 on Nginx, the good news is that your existing Nginx configuration is almost fully compatible with hosting Drupal 8. Except one thing: Drupal 8 Update module has been re-implemented, and your existing Nginx configuration will probably return 404. For more details on Drupal 8 Update module change, please see Move update.php back to a front controller.

The change matters to Nginx config is that Drupal 7 update.php URL is like

Testing a new Drupal 8 installation with 2 Docker commands

While I was mentoring GSoC 2015 Hawk Auth project, we wanted to test the project in D8 sandbox often. doesn't help here, because Hawk Auth uses Composer Manager to download extenal PHP library. (Another project using this set up is Commerce for D8.) There is an issue of supporting Composer in queue, but it hasn't been followed up.

Watch Drupal 8 Release Progress on Your Android Wear

Recently, I started building new projects on Drupal 8. Everyday, I spent some time on checking the progress of a few D8 issues that I needed and the overall D8 progress. I thought it might be fun to have some progress numbers to show up on my Moto 360 Watch, and it's almost Christmas, so I decided to build my own Watch Face for Android Wear to monitor Drupal 8 Release.

The version 1.0 release of this watch face looks like the picture below

Development Story

How fast does Drupal grow in China? A perspective from DrupalCampChina 2014

March 22nd, 2014, we have concluded DrupalCampChina 2014 (announcement). This is the second year that Drupal Shanghai Community has teamed up with (a Shanghai-based volunteer-driven organization and supporters of the China startup and tech community.) to succefully organize DrupalCamp within Barcamp. For those who don't know, Barcamp is the same style as DrupalCamp, but wider topics and larger audience.

A demo for open hardware meeting open software: Arduino + Android + Drupal

A few years ago, when the Android just came out, I did a project Drupal + Services Module + Beer = BeerCloud on Android and iPhone. Now, I feel it's the time to bring this open vertical integration even further to complete an open ubiquitous computing model or tech stack. The previous project stack has already covered OS, Database, Web Server, CMS, Mobile Device; for this new project, let's bring wearables or sensors into the picture.


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