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Drupal Engineer

We're a Drupal and Android company. We think developers who want to work on the best, most dynamic, and most interesting open-source web technology project on the planet have no better place to work than here - working on Drupal.

We want strong developers who will:

Collaborate with the Drupal community to improve Drupal's core and contrib modules - e.g. on Drupal 7 and next generation Drupal 8
Improve INsReady's products such as INsReady QR, etc.
Work with client's on various projects

Summary of requirements:
Excellent troubleshooting skills
Works well with teams
1+ years Drupal programming experience
3+ years PHP or other significant programming experience
Willing and able to to delve into all parts of Drupal (and learn on the fly the parts you don't know yet).

Big plus if you have:
CSS 2 and 3—and how they work in different browsers.
This little thing called jQuery.
Understanding of how to build for mobile and tablets
Some code samples that look good in the IDE and on the page

Company-Wise Benefits
Base Salary + Bonus (Depend on experience: from 7000 RMB/month to 25000 RMB/month)
Vacation days and time off
Full medical coverage
Fun at Drupal or Android community events

Please contact us and tell us about yourself!