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My name is Karoly Negyesi and


My name is Karoly Negyesi and I have contributed the most patches to Drupal 5 and Drupal 6 core and did not get a single cent during this process. (I am #4 for D7 core and I am still not in Google's payroll. Leslie or Chris, if you read this, I am more than ready to accept a fat paycheck! Or even a thin one.) I wish Google would pay the countless long evenings/nights secretly but alas -- it does not.

Google does have an open source program where they finance about a thousand bright young, called Google Summer of Code and yes we participate but we are a drop in the ocean with about 20 slots out of about 1000. Yes you can call this "Google financing Drupal" but then again three months of twenty youngsters working on contributed projects are simply dwarfed by amount of hours the core developers put into each release.