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How fast does Drupal grow in China? A perspective from DrupalCampChina 2014

March 22nd, 2014, we have concluded DrupalCampChina 2014 (announcement). This is the second year that Drupal Shanghai Community has teamed up with (a Shanghai-based volunteer-driven organization and supporters of the China startup and tech community.) to succefully organize DrupalCamp within Barcamp. For those who don't know, Barcamp is the same style as DrupalCamp, but wider topics and larger audience.

A demo for open hardware meeting open software: Arduino + Android + Drupal

A few years ago, when the Android just came out, I did a project Drupal + Services Module + Beer = BeerCloud on Android and iPhone. Now, I feel it's the time to bring this open vertical integration even further to complete an open ubiquitous computing model or tech stack. The previous project stack has already covered OS, Database, Web Server, CMS, Mobile Device; for this new project, let's bring wearables or sensors into the picture.

Give user "Administer users" permission but don't let them change your admin account -- Use Panels

Today, I received a request that how to let certain users to have the permission to edit all user accounts but not admin users. Drupal has this user permission called "Administer users (Warning: Give to trusted roles only; this permission has security implications.)". If this permission is granted to a role, then of course, this role can edit ANY accounts. Therefore, we need something more.

Drupal中国营 2013 ---- Drupal在中国发展的里程碑

2013年3月23日周六,Drupal中国营2013( 公告 )在中国上海成功举办。 作为组织者之一,我自豪地宣布,Drupal中国营2013有:

  • 100人预先在 社区上报了名 。
  • 多达300人参加了当天的一个或多个会议。
  • 许多人从不同城市前往上海,例如:北京、广州、成都和纽约市。
  • 150至200人出席了由Forest Mars发表的主旨演讲。
  • 所有7场演讲中,2场使用了英文,3场使用了中文,另外2场使用了中、英文两种语言。
  • 150件Drupal中国营2013 T恤被免费发放。

Building Nginx (Microcaching) + MariaDB/MySQL + PHP-FPM + Debian 6 + APC + Memcache + Drupal 7 server

It has been 2 years, since I have written Build Nginx + PHP-FPM + APC + Memcache + Drupal 7 on a bare-bone Ubuntu 10.04 or Debian 5 server. Since then, many people and companies have informed me that they have been using the setup from that blog.

2 years is quite a long time; a lot of softwares are updated, and a lot of configuration & practice have changed. Now, it's the time for a REBUILD:

搭建Nginx (Microcaching) + MariaDB/MySQL + PHP-FPM + Debian 6 + APC + Memcache + Drupal 7 服务器

在2年前,我用英文写过一个教程Build Nginx + PHP-FPM + APC + Memcache + Drupal 7 on a bare-bone Ubuntu 10.04 or Debian 5 server. 后来有很多公司和人联系我,告诉我他们在使用我的这个教程。


首先,拿到一个新的服务器 (Linode), 以root登录:
echo "plato" > /etc/hostname
hostname -F /etc/hostname


引锐使用时下最流行的一种OSS WCM平台Drupal(开源的网站内容管理平台)为业界提供优质的服务。从许多渠道(包括与引锐合作过的客户,合作伙伴以及开发者)得到的反馈总体都是非常积极的。值得强调的是,引锐拥有来自新能源,汽车,医疗保险,明星(娱乐),电子商务,时尚,新科技媒体,教育,法律,食物饮料等行业各式各样的客户,这进一步凸显了引锐的能力——使用开源Drupal来确保客户成功的能力。引锐的团队由开源软件的梦想者以及拥有资深网站内容管理经验的专家组成。正因为如此,他们深谙企业的需求,并且能够与庞大的Drupal社区保持精密合作。网站内容管理产品与社交软件功能的结合,令引锐拥有独一无二的能力来帮助客户实现更广泛的在线渠道策略。当企业挣扎地孕育和实现一个社交策略时,引锐可以通过提供基于该企业社区群体以及他们的社会储备/人才供给的企业固有文化这方面的独特指导来达到成功。


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