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Drupal 8


One approach to implement the progressive decoupled Drupal 8

There are a lot of discussion online addressing the benefit of a progressive decoupled Drupal. You can read more at Should we decouple Drupal with a client-side framework? I have been thinking about how to implement this new feature for Drupal. Today, I am going to take a front-end theming approach, and write down my ideas of steps and iterations for the actual implementation below:

Update your Nginx config to support Drupal 8

If you are running Drupal 7 on Nginx, the good news is that your existing Nginx configuration is almost fully compatible with hosting Drupal 8. Except one thing: Drupal 8 Update module has been re-implemented, and your existing Nginx configuration will probably return 404. For more details on Drupal 8 Update module change, please see Move update.php back to a front controller.

The change matters to Nginx config is that Drupal 7 update.php URL is like

Watch Drupal 8 Release Progress on Your Android Wear

Recently, I started building new projects on Drupal 8. Everyday, I spent some time on checking the progress of a few D8 issues that I needed and the overall D8 progress. I thought it might be fun to have some progress numbers to show up on my Moto 360 Watch, and it's almost Christmas, so I decided to build my own Watch Face for Android Wear to monitor Drupal 8 Release.

The version 1.0 release of this watch face looks like the picture below

Development Story

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