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The mission of the to bridge the gap between the world’s great brewers, distributors and the consumers who enjoy their products, with a paramount focus on education, on enhancing beer distribution practices, and on beer related social network aspects through the sharing of information.

Through direct partnerships with world class beer wholesalers across the country and hundreds of exceptional breweries around the globe, the new is making it easier than ever for beer fans to discover, learn about, and locate great beer via anytime (all the information is stored on Internet) and via any devices (e.g. any mobile device such as Android and iPhone). distinguishes itself by providing brewers with a centralized forum to share the complete story behind their breweries, and each of their beers, with the world. Further, due to its direct link with the databases of America's leading beer distributors, offers the most accurate and updated information available on where to find specific beers. For the first time ever, beer fans can be perpetually updated on where their favorite beers are available, what beers their favorite brewers are producing, and what beers their favorite local bars, restaurants, and stores currently offer.

What you'll find on the new

  • Thorough product descriptions and food pairings for more than 2,000 beers
  • The full story, including photos and videos, behind more than 400 breweries
  • A beer map centered on your location, that shows you the 100 closest bars, restaurants, and stores where you can buy great beer, and links you to the current beer offerings at each place
  • Access to write comments on local beer retailers and to recommend new beers for them to carry
  • The ability to write tasting notes, and to manage your favorite brewers, beers, and places within your "My Account" page
  • The official GBT, the web's most comprehensive beer test
  • A product catalog that lets you browse beer by brand, style, origin, and other categories
  • An events calendar to keep you informed of upcoming beer dinners, festivals, and sampling opportunities
  • A careers page, your best link to a great job in an exciting industry
  • Beer news, forums, blogs and tasting notes on many beers
  • A wealth of beer educational information

Addon Drupal Module Used On
Barcode For displaying product bar codes, and for later use on Android and iPhone. See details about this module at

BornFree For front page featured style showcase.

CCK Fields! One hack I did was to go into database, and set retailer field_account to be unique for performance reason (big improvement)

Autocomplete Node Finder For front page product search.

Email Field CCK email field, together with Spamspan to prevent Spam Bot Crawling.

Flag We use this module for personal favorite Brands, Products, and Places. They display them on User Panel. See attached image (click to zoom in).All New user profile

Hide submit button So, users won't click submit twice.

Hierarchical Select We use Taxonomy for Beer Styles, Territories, Event Type, and more. Many of those Vocabulary has sub styles. HS Module improves the UI.

Quiz For Great Beer Test

Organic groups Each distributor is an organic group

Panels See the images attached (click to zoom in) to this documentation; that's how we used panels.

Printer, e-mail and PDF versions We created one Content Type called Beer List, which simply inherits a normal node and plus Node Reference field. So, users can put a beer list together. They we use Printer, e-mail and PDF versions to print out this list or send it via emails. See an example at

Views Many many things are built on Views. Product Catalog is one of them, but Views is too slow for Product Catalog, so re-engineering is necessary. Also, together with Node Reference, we can pull any data together. See more screen shots at the bottom of this page.

Calendar See Calendar integrated with Node Reference and Location module

Other Modules That I Probably Don't Need To Explain A lot
GMap Module
Google Analytics
PNG Behave!
SpamSpan filter
Job Posting
Link CCK Field
Views Bulk Operations

More Screen Shots
All New retailer page: Reverse Node Reference On Calendar
All New event page: Node Reference On Featured Brands

L. Knife & Son Companies
Ben E. Keith Companies
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