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INsReady is a commercial open source software company providing products, services, technical support and training for the open source Drupal social publishing system and Android mobile platform.

INsReady is recognized as a featured Drupal Services & Training Provider by Drupal Association.


The Corporation for Travel Promotion--美国旅游促进会成立于2010年,目前主营Brand USA品牌,致力于吸引全世界的旅游爱好者前往美国观光。走遍美国-GoUSA.cn隶属于Brand USA。 作为一个公私合营实体,公司整合旅游行业的多方资源,力图实现全国各地旅游业带来的经济与社会效益最大化。Brand USA通过它的网站“走遍美国”鼓励旅游爱好者来探索美国的无限风光。 screenshot
INsReady QR

INsReady QR is an online application to let you create QR-Codes for Contact Card, Email Address, Event, Plain Text, SMS Message, Telephone Number, URL, Wifi Login (Android Only).

You can share the created QR-Code with the unique URL, print-friendly page, PDF or you can send it via web email.

New Beer Sommelier

Pair food with Beer.
The data comes from a simple Excel sheet. The whole function is a drilldown selection with a little jQuery interface design to increase usability. screenshot

Why Drupal

We love Drupal because it is free, open, flexible, robust and constantly being improved by hundreds of thousands of passionate people from all over the world. We use Drupal to build everything from personal blogs to enterprise applications.
More on: Top 10 Reasons to Choose the Drupal Open-Source Social Publishing System

Why Android

We love Android, the most popular mobile operating system, because it is open, free, and extensible. We build Android Apps to increase productivity and create opportunities. With additional add-ons such as Android Open Hardware Accessories, Android can communicate with Cars, Microwaves, Toilets, and Prosthetic Limbs in the future.

Our Clients

福特汽车 (Ford)
美国国家旅游局 (GoUSA)
上海美国商会 (AmCham Shanghai)
Shanghai American School
L. Knife & Son Companies
Grinnell College

Recent Blogs

Dec 222014
skyred's picture

Recently, I started building new projects on Drupal 8. Everyday, I spent some time on checking the progress of a few D8 issues that I needed and the overall D8 progress.

Apr 152014
skyred's picture

March 22nd, 2014, we have concluded DrupalCampChina 2014 (announcement).

Oct 252013
jerenus's picture

Recently I updated Android Cloud To Devices Messaging (C2DM) module on I have write a brief description of how to use C2DM Module in the module's page and its README.TXT file.

Oct 242013
jerenus's picture

不久前在Drupal.org上更新了Android Cloud To Device Messaging(C2DM)模块, 在模块主页以及README.TXT文件中简略的描述了如何用C2DM模块, 为我们的网站搭建Google Cloud Message服务在服务器端所需要的工作。

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