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Beer Sommelier Web Version for iPhone and Android

While wine and food pairing has been common practice for years, many people are discovering that beer, with its extraordinary variety of unique flavor and aroma characteristics, as well as the benefit of carbonation, can rival and often exceed wine in its ability to harmonize with food. With the growing stylistic diversity in today’s beer scene, people are discovering ways that unique beer styles enhance their culinary experience, however few resources exist to help guide the beer and food pairing decision. That’s where Beer Sommelier can help.

According to Sam Calagione, co-author of “He Said Beer, She Said Wine” and owner of Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, “Beer Sommelier is the killer app for on-the-go beer and food pairing. If you have this encyclopedic database on hand you can cheat on your go-to beer style with confidence.

Simply select a main ingredient, choose from the dishes made with that ingredient, and Beer Sommelier will display a description of the dish and a list of beer styles that will provide a suitable compliment. Beer Sommelier is the perfect way to plan a beer and cheese sampling party or a multi-course beer dinner. Next time you’re at the grocery store, buy your food first, then take out your iPhone for guidance in selecting the best beers to pair with your meals. Start utilizing Beer Sommelier at restaurants to choose an appropriate beer to accompany your entrée. If your local restaurant or store doesn’t carry a style you’re looking for, request it from the manager, as they can easily order it from a distributor.

Want to see some examples of each style? Jump over to the Product Search page on to browse through commercially available beers of any style and even track them down at local retailers (not available in all locales).

Maximize your enjoyment of great food with Beer Sommelier, a quick, easy, and fun way to select the best beer style to accompany your next meal.

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